2023 – Kaysville, UT

Come to 2023 CFO reunion!

The Cazier Family Organization will be holding its 74th consecutive annual reunion on June 23-24, 2023, in Kaysville, Utah. We hope you’ll make plans to join us! This year’s reunion will focus on the life of David Crockett Cazier, one of the first founders of what is now Nephi, Utah. David was the eighth of 10 children born to William and Pleasant Drake Cazier. He lived from 1834 to 1929, and he had a lot of fascinating experiences during his 95-year life.

Our reunion will begin in Kaysville’s Heritage Park on Friday afternoon, June 23. We will have the presentations about David on Saturday, June 24, in a nearby church, along with our family dinner.

Kaysville is 20 miles north of Salt Lake City/ It is close to the Lagoon amusement park, the Cherry Hill water park and other activities.

Please mark this year’s reunion on your calendars and register at https://forms.gle/bMu6Fkc6npkiKsRN8

Join our Facebook page via:https://fb.me/e/Il60EulC