2012 – Afton, Wyoming

Cazier Family Newsletter 2013 (PDF)

62nd Annual Cazier Family Reunion

The 2012 Cazier Reunion was held in Afton, Wyoming on June 29th and 30th. It was hosted by the Ted & Rozelia Cazier descendants with Kathy Dell Cazier as the focal.About 83 were in attendance with most attendees from the Charles Drake Family. Carol Cazier Reynolds gave a wonderful Genealogy presentation in the Afton Tabernacle. Everyone was encouraged to make histories, pictures and research available in the new family search/Family tree that will come out later in 2012.

Friday Gathering June 29th 2012
About 70 family members met at the Gomm Ranch south of Afton for hotdogs, smores and drinks. It was a nice day to be outside. The adults had a great time talking, and catching up on family things. The kids enjoyed running, jumping on the trampoline and meeting new friends.

Saturday, June 30th
About 35 family members met at Afton Museum at 10:30 am. Ruth Peterson gave a presentation about the museum then sent us off to explore among the artifacts. There were a lot of displayed items with Cazier information on them. We caravanned to different houses that have Cazier histories attached to them, and then out to the cemetery to view some graves where Cazier ancestors are buried.

Genealogy Meeting
4:00, Gail Cazier was not able to attend so Carol Reynolds presided over the meeting with 15 in attendance. Carol talked about some genealogy web pages, Createfan.com and treeseek.com for printing out a chart showing our linage.From history we deduce that Phillip was a soldier. He moved around a lot to make a living and to protect his family. In 1660 Jean was 16 when they moved to New Amsterdam. The ships log shows 4 children on board and one was 16, was it Jean? There was lots of information presented by Carol. It is hard to take notes and capture the information as it is presented. From time to time I am asked for more information but I have to say, “You need to be there”. I do not have the skills to capture the wonderful information presented. Please plan on attending the Genealogy meeting.

Executive Meeting
5:40 pm, In attendance Larry Galli, Carol Lynn McIntosh, Carol Reynolds, Andy Cazier and Kathleen Skinner. Topics discussed Finance report, Family mailing list Family Reunion – How to get more to attend? Recommend Larry Galli will host the 2013 reunion in Nephi, UT on June 28th and 29th.

Family Dinner
At 6:30, The family gathered for dinner and some enjoyable social time. Kathy Dell Cazier conducted the family gathering and entertained us with Cazier stories. Andy was asked to tell of his 2002 trip to Illinois to find Pleasant Drake’s burial place. My report on the trip can be found on Cazier.net. After dinner Andy Cazier reviewed the 2011 reunion, the financial report and the traditional attendance roll-call was taken. With the count being James 0, Miranda 0, John 0, Benjamin 16, Elizabeth 4, Samuel 0, David 0, Charles Drake 62 and Rosanne 0, for a total of 82 in attendance. Next year’s reunion was voted to be held in Nephi, UT, June 28 & 29th, with Larry Galli hosting. Past reunions in Nephi have always been well attended. An enjoyable time of socializing was had by those in attendance.