2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Cazier Family Newsletter 2012 (PDF)

61st Annual William Cazier Family Reunion

The 2011 Cazier Reunion was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 24th and 25th. It was hosted by Ivalou Voogd. Only a small number attended this year, only 38. But it was a great Reunion. Ivalou and her family did a great job. Everyone had a good time!!

Friday Gathering June 24th 2011
25 family members met at Stephenson Park for a nice dinner of chicken, fruit, sodas etc. It was a very hot day at 106 degrees with a dry wind blowing, but the picnic tables were in the shade of some nice trees so that helped… a little. The adults had a great time talking, telling stories and catching up on family things. The kids enjoyed running, digging in the sand and kicking balls in the park. Saturday, June 25th about 12 family members met at Mormon Fort around 10:00 am and had the opportunity to participate in a Civil War Re-enactment. This was an especially fun activity where the participants dressed in uniforms, were given ranks and job duties, marched and battled with a water balloon “sling shot” canon over a 2-1/2 hour time period. The kids really had a good time and said it was fun.

Executive Meeting
3:00, Carol Lynn McIntosh opened with Prayer. Topics discussed: Finance report, Family mailing list Susie Cazier to do reunion how to book Family Reunion – What is the future? No set thing – camping may be good. Kathy Dell Cazier will host or co-ordinate the 2012 reunion in Star Valley. Attendees: Gail Cazier, Andy Cazier, Carol Lynn McIntosh and Kathy Dell Cazier.

Genealogy Meeting
4:00, Gail Cazier presided over the meeting with 13 in attendance. Gail showed the connection of Chancy Ridel to the Caziers – looked up some others to see how they fit. He reported on other family members that had passed away. Marsden Cazier has a bible owned by William Cazier. Gail talked about Jean Claude Cazier and the report on his research in France. Scanned copies of the reports are posted on Cazier.org. Dick Cazier wrote a book on James Cazier it can be read on caziercuzins.info. All five studies that were commissioned by the family to “Heirlines Family History & Genealogy,” to research from William back have been posted on
Cazier.org. Gail showed Cazier.org and other Cazier related web

Family Dinner
At 6:00, The family for dinner and some enjoyable social time. After dinner Andy Cazier reviewed the 2010 reunion, the financial report and the traditional attendance rollcall was taken. With the count being James 0, Miranda 0, John 0, Benjamin 18, Elizabeth 0, Samuel 0, David 0, Charles Drake 19 and Rosanne 0, for a total of 37 in attendance. It was the end of Bob Cazier’s second term as president. Bob was thanked for his service to the family. Carol Lynn McIntosh was proposed and voted in for the next 2 years as the new President. Next year’s reunion was voted to be held in Star Valley (Afton), Wyoming June 29 & 30th, 2012 with KathyDell Cazier hosting or coordinating the reunion. The Reunion was held in Afton for the first time on June 20, 1959. It has since been held there 5 times. We had cake to celebrate family member Audrey McKean’s 1st birthday. An enjoyable time of socializing was had by those in attendance