2010 – Rexburg, Idaho

Cazier Family Newsletter 2011 (PDF)

60th Annual William Cazier Family Reunion

Friday Gathering June 25th 2010
Gail Cazier and family were the hosts of the 2010 Cazier Family reunion. Forty-seven family members gathered at the LDS Stake Center pavilion in Rexburg, Idaho for the 61st consecutive reunion. Those that attended enjoyed getting acquainted with new attendees and old cousin acquaintances and enjoying chili, root beer and cookies. Saturday, June 26th At 9:00 Breakfast was served back at the pavilion.

Executive Meeting
3:00, President Bob Cazier called the meeting to order with Bruce Bingham offering the prayer. Andy gave a financial report and the minutes from the 2009 executive meeting (also known as the Past Presidency meeting). He also brought up concerns over declining attendance numbers over the past few years; which led to discussion about the possible reason for it and how to turn attendance around. Possible upcoming reunion locations were discussed and the meeting ended with Andy giving the closing prayer.

Genealogy Meeting
4:00, Gail Cazier opened the meeting with a prayer. Dick Cazier shared a deed he came across from 1771 for property being sold by William Cazier’s grandfather and great-aunt in Maryland (see Cazier.org and CazierCuzins.info ). Gail gave a PowerPoint presentation regarding genealogy work, reports of what is being done, research findings and persons being retained to do the research. Some of this information can be found on cazier.org.

Gail also talked about the www.newfamilysearch.org website. Gail’s son Mike is one of the programmers on this site and spoke to us about how it works Gail is requesting that we all update our family group sheet information and send it to him so he can update the information in the family data files.

Family Dinner
6:00, After a blessing on the food, family enjoyed a ham dinner with all the trimmings and some enjoyable social time. We discovered that the table centerpieces were pieces obtained by Gail and Yvonne as memories from their church missions. At the conclusion of the dinner we gave our attention to the family organization’s president, Bob Cazier who thanked everyone for coming. Gail Cazier then took some time to present certificates of appreciation and a gift to several family members who have worked diligently within the organization for the family. Andy Cazier, Marlyn Crezee, Dick Cazier and Carol Reynolds were all presented awards and a book titled; Return – Four Phases of Our Mortal Journey Home by Robert D. Hales. President Bob Cazier proposed a vote, and it was accepted for the location of Preston, Idaho as the site of the 2011 Reunion.

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances the 2011 reunion has changed location to Las Vegas, NV, with our host being Ivalou Voogd and family. Time was then turned over to Andy Cazier to read the Family financial report, recap of the 2009 family reunion and then the traditional attendance roll call. With the count being James 1, Miranda 0, John 4, Benjamin 56, Elizabeth 0, Samuel 0, David 3, Charles Drake 12 and Rosanne 0, for a total of 76 in attendance.

This year’s talent show had many participants from old to young. Janet Rigby (Gail’s daughter) was the emcee and kept everyone well organized. Lisa Conway did a piano solo; Teresa Rigby sang “The River Flows in You”; Amy Conway presented some original pictures; Sheri Warner told a story about Richard George Cazier; Larry Galli offered another story. This was followed by Jason, Isaac & Corbin Cazier (all under 13) doing the Big Mouth Frog story as a short skit. Morgan Balding presented another musical number. Gail sang “Among my Souvenirs”, followed by Janet singing “Getting to Know You”. Bob told a story about a Studebaker and the talent show was closed with a Cazier clan sing-a-long. The notes for the talent show report were garnered from my odd notes and Janet’s program list, if errors were made I apologize. Another reunion was then brought to an end with Sherie Warner giving us a closing prayer.