2009 – Kennewick, Washington

Cazier Family Newsletter 2010 (PDF)

59th Annual William Cazier Family Reunion

Friday Gathering June 26th 2009
Bob and Carol Cazier were the hosts of the reunion this year and did a great job in organizing it. The family started gathering about 3:00pm at the pavilion behind the LDS Stake Center next to the LDS Columbia River Temple. Doug Mergel gave a prayer and a blessing on the food. Subway sandwiches were provided for everyone’s enjoyment. The pavilion had a large grassy area that was ideal for the kids to run and play on. President Bob Cazier welcomed everyone and gave a run down of what would be happening the next day with places to go and things to do. Bob also explained the games that were set up and how they would be used the next day. There were, Buffalo Chip Throw, the Flapjack Flip, Grace, Sock the Bull, Lassoing and the ever popular marksmanship with Rubber Band Rifles. There were about 35 in attendance. We all got reacquainted talked and told stories. With the nice weather we all had a good time, allowing the young children to play together. It was nice to have some first time attendees this year.

Saturday, June 27th
All of Saturday’s activities were held in Bob and Carol’s beautiful home.

Genealogy Meeting
The group gathered at 1:00 PM for a genealogy session conducted by Gail Cazier the family Genealogist. An opening prayer was given by Kathy Deal Cazier. There were sixteen in attendance. With access to the internet Gail showed the New Family Search Program, talked about the “Death Index” he was working on and showed us the pictures of the tomb stones and obituaries that have been posted. Gail also gave a report on the research progress that has been made by “Heirline Family History” research group. Gail gave a presentation on the past Cazier reunions and showed the Cazier.org web site and how to get to the Mattie and Fern genealogy index.

Executive Meeting
The Executive meeting was opened with a prayer by Callis Cazier. Andy gave the financial report. There was some discussion on where the Family organization was going. It was decided at this time to continue with the annual meetings. It was agreed to attempt to get the newsletter out sooner so families would have time to make plans. Also to continue to find new locations for the reunions to be held. There was concern that fewer people are coming forward to host the reunion. Andy gave the closing prayer.

Family Dinner
The family gathered at the host Bob and Carol’s home at 6:00pm for the evening gathering. Games were played by the young (age and at heart) attendees and then a nice barbeque dinner including pulled pork was enjoyed by all. After the dinner several stories were told by those that wanted to share them. The family then voted on the best one. Bob Cazier’s story about repenting so he didn’t have to go to jail, was voted the best story told (Note: A video of the story can be found on Cazier.net under the side bar of “Fun Stuff”). Jason Cazier had the highest score from the games and was awarded one of the rubber band guns as a prize. Andy Cazier gave the financial report and also reported on the 2008 reunion held in Nauvoo, IL. Roll call was taken with 39 in attendance. The number in attendance from the William Cazier family lines were: James-0, Maranda-0, John-0, Benjamin-33, Elizabeth-0, Samuel-0, David-0, Charles Drake-6, and Rosannah-0. The decision was made to have the 2010 Cazier Reunion in the Rexburg, Idaho area with Gail