1995 – Downey, Idaho

The Forty Sixth annual Cazier reunion was held June 23, 24, 1995 in Downey, Idaho at Downata Hot Springs, 45 minutes South of Pocatello, Idaho with the Carol Lynn Macintosh family as host. Plans were made for the 1999 reunion, the Fiftieth, to be held in the same place as the first, Warm River, Idaho. Ivan Cazier was appointed to be chairman of that event. Carol Lynn suggested that the Hot Dog Sauce that was served at the dinner be marketed by the Cazier Family Organization. The proceeds could be used for genealogy purposes and missions for members of the family. Carol Lynn was given the assignment to prepare a document with all the information about the product and it will be evaluated. Carol Cazier Reynolds, a member of the Genealogy committee, has been working to make sure the information in the Ancestral File on the Cazier Line is accurate. She told how to correct the information there. James Richard Cazier, also a member of the committee reported on his work on the James line. Gail Cazier reported on his work to connect all know Caziers. The following connection have been made. Phillip Cazier (1684) and his wife Catherina Hoogland has a large family including Philip, Catharina, Dirk, Jacobus, Petrus, Abraham, Richard, and James Sr. (1736). Richard (1734), had a son named Abraham (1764), Abraham has two sons Edward (1800) and Samuel (1804). It has been determined that Ronald Cazier (1915) came through the Samuel Line and Bertha Mae Cazier (1927) came through the Edward line. Lucy Russell claims that she came through another brother of James Sr., Jacobus (1726) (Jacob or John she says). Lucy Russell said she has found Philipe Cassier who was born in 1616 in Calais, France. They later moved to New York and the last names of the children was changed to Cazier. Descendants moved to Delaware and Maryland, and then to Virginia. Ella Cazier Barratt, youngest daughter of Benjamin Cazier Jr., was present at the reunion. There were about 76 in attendance.