1998 – Bend & Redmond, Oregon

Bend and Redmond, Oregon
1998 Report

Friday, June 26, 1998
The family started to gather at Pioneer Park in Bend Oregon at 3:30 PM. The weather was a little on the cool side but good for being outside. The park is on the banks of a river with trees and lots of grass to play on. Turkey was cooked in handmade outdoor cookers. Salads, rolls and dessert were enjoyed by all that attended. About 45 were in attendance at this gathering.

Information for the next day’s activities was given out. Andy Cazier talked about the newsletter and how it is produced and asked if anyone had ideas for improving it, he would like to have some input.

Saturday, June 27, 1998
On Saturday some of the families enjoyed some of the local sights, visited the volcanic park, caves and golfed.

Genealogy Meeting
The Genealogy meeting was held in the Redmond LDS church. Gail conducted the meeting. Vance Haws gave an invocation. We went around the room introducing ourselves and told whom we were descended from.

Bruce Bingham reported on his contact with Fern Rutledge. She is working hard on her husband’s genealogy and her health is better. Fern was the former family genealogist and did most of the work on the family compiled in the books.

Gail talked about working with and submitting information to the Ancestral File. It can be accessed in the Family History Centers. Note: At this time the Church is running a test web sight that you can access the Ancestral File information. The address is: http://www.familysearch.org/default.asp . If you discover an error in the Ancestral File send it to Gail and he can get it corrected. If we have too many people submitting files with names it has a greater chance of creating errors. Also if you have new names Gail will submit them for you.

The use of the Internet was discussed for doing Genealogy work. http://ancestry.com is a good place to go for researching names. A Cazier web page was discussed and at this time we will use Andy’s page at http://home1.gte.net/caziera until a need to grow beyond this is determined.

Gail obtained a large number of names from the Elizabeth line from Charles and Carrie Davis. We haven’t had a lot of information on this line before. Gail has been communicating with them sharing information.

Gail passed out a chart that showed the link to all the known Caziers. He commented that this might not be accurate any more, as new Caziers are being found that are not linked.

Where do we go from here? The next step should consist of a book being written on each of the children of William Cazier. Names were discussed and possible people that could be the coordinator for the project. Some suggestions were that James be coordinated by Don Cazier, Maranda and Elizabeth by Gail Cazier, David Crocket by Stanford Cazier and Charles Drake by Kem Cazier. Benjamin, Samuel and Rosannah had no recommendations.

Past Presidents Meeting
The Past Presidents meeting was held at the Redmond LDS church. The minutes were read and approved from last year’s meeting. The financial report was given as follows: On May 31st 1997 the accounts contained $2917.61. During the year expenses were $621.73. 286.34 for the Newsletter, and $335.39 for the 1997 Reunion. Deposits were interest of $57.97 and $599.00 for dues. For an ending balance of, $2952.85 on May 31st, 1998. The financial report was approved.

Andy explained the Mailing database and the gradual increase of the numbers of letters mailed. Currently about 575 active addresses are in the database and 100 that are lost and 31 that are deceased.

The family bylaws were reviewed nominations for president and potential reunion locations were discussed. David Cazier for president and Warm River Idaho for next years reunion sight will be nominated by the Past presidents.

Dinner and Program
The Family gathered at 6:00 PM at the Redmond LDS church for dinner and the evening information and entertainment. We dined on Roast Beef and Chicken with all the trimmings. After the meal Andy Cazier reported on the proceedings from last year, financial information reported and attendance taken. Roll call showed the following numbers present from the branches of William Cazier Family: James-0, Maranda-0, John-2, Benjamin-60, Elizabeth-0, Samuel-0, David-0, Charles Drake-2, Rosannah-0 for a total of 64.The turnout was smaller than most years but the fun was as good as always.

Then the business of the night started. It was stated that next years reunion was the 50th annual and would be held at Warm River Idaho, the location of the first one. Nominations were opened for the president of the organization. David Cazier (Gail Caziers son) was nominated and passed. Ivan and Don Cazier were nominated and passed for Vice President. Andy Cazier was nominated for Secretary Treasurer and Gail Cazier for Genealogist. Both passed.

Ed Gunkel was the oldest in attendance. Richard Perdue had the most children in attendance with 14.

The Perdue family sang a song and performed a skit from the production of, “Grease” named “First Day of School”. Shayla Matindal sang, as Terra Brock did cartwheels. A tin man and a crying doll were given out as prizes.



This has been quite a year for evolving plans. The Church building that had been reserved for the use of the family in Ashton was closed for renovation and the Ashton LDS Stake Center was not available. So the main gathering place has been moved to the St. Anthony Stake Center.

June 25th
We will gather Friday evening at about 4:00 p.m. at the St. Anthony LDS church building (see the map). The Warm River Park Pavilion was not available for our use on Friday night. A light supper will be available at the church. Additional information will be available for the next day’s activities.

The Warm River Park Pavilion has been reserved for our use on Saturday afternoon. Activities are being planned for the use of the pavilion for this time frame. To get to warm River State Park from St. Anthony travel North on Route 20 to Ashton, and turn right on Route 47, drive about five miles to the park. See the attached map.


Some places to stay
Comfort Inn 1565 W. Main, Rexburg, 83440 Tel: 208-359-1311.
Days Inn 271 S 200 W, Rexburg, 83440 Tel: 208-345-9222.
Super 8 Motel 231 W. Main, Rexburg, 83440 Tel: 208-356-8888
Weston Inn, in St. Anthony Telephone: 208 624-3711

Other stuff
Just a reminder that the “50 Years of Cazier Family Reunions” book will be available for purchase at the reunion. Also a video on the history of St. Anthony will be available for purchase.

If you have any suggestions for the improvement of the Newsletter, we would like your input. Any help at the reunions to record information for entering into the newsletter would also be appreciated. The newsletter will also be placed on my web page at http://home1.gte.net/caziera/ . Also if you have an e-mail address send it to me and I will add you to my Cazier distribution list. Note: registration can be done by e-mail.

A reminder
On the address label is the last date I have a record of dues contributed from your family. The dues are still only $10 per year and can be sent to the Secretary Treasurer, Andy Cazier.

Registration Directions
In order to know how much food and how many hats to order, the registration information needs to be in by June 1, 1999. In order to simplify the registration this year, all registrations should be sent to me (Andy) at address below.

Contacting the family organization:

Current President David Gail Cazier
6343 Williamsburg Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84120

Genealogist Gail A. Cazier
582 Gemini
Rexburg, ID 83440
E-mail [email protected]

Secretary Treasurer Andrew L. Cazier
32241 24th Ave SW
Federal Way, WA 98023
E-mail [email protected]
Telephone: 253 661-7758