Cecil County, Maryland

George Nixon report on Caziers in Maryland (PDF)

Cazier Family in Cecil County, Maryland

by George J. Nixon, Genealogist
(Filed in Ferns Genealogy Book starting on Page 432)

Preliminary Report

The objective of this research was to determine whether James Cazier of Prince William County, Virginia, was related to the Cazier Family in Cecil County Maryland. Except for the few brief years between 1794 and 1800, there is no record of James Cazier Found in Prince William County, Virginia. A search of the surrounding counties; Loudon, Fairfax, Faquier, etc., did not reveal any information. Having decided that research in this area of Virginia would be a duplication of previous research, the records of Cecil County Maryland were next considered.

In the General Index to Deeds in Cecil County Maryland, the Cazier name appears as early as 1737. The names of Phillip Cazier Sr. and Phillip Cazier Jr. appear frequently. Other names appearing are Abraham Cazier, Elizabeth Cazier, John Cazier, Jacob Cazier and Richard Cazier.

Not all of the actual deeds were read, however, the earliest deeds were read and some interesting facts disclosed. A brief description of the deeds from 1737-1754 follows.

On June 7, 1737, Phillip Cazier sold 200 acres, “Part of a large tract called Cox’s Forrest” to John Poilloun for the sum of 275 pounds (Deed Book 5, Page 334, Cecil County Maryland, GS#013823).

On May 5, 1738, “Isaac Van Vlack, of the City of New York…. do make ordain and constitute, etc.,….my trusty and loving friend John Cazier of Cecil County, Maryland…. my true and lawful attorney…..”. Witnesses were Phillip Cazier and Catherine Cazier. Two years later, September 8, 1740, John Cazier assigned his power of attorney to his Father Phillip Cazier (Deed Book 4, Page 398 and 399, Cecil County, Maryland. GS#013822)

On May 1, 1744, Phillip Cazier Sr. sold 5 and 3/4 acres of land for 12 pounds and 18 shillings to Dennis Nowland. (Deed Book 6, Page 478 and 479, Cecil County Maryland. GS#013823). Witnesses were Phillip Cazier Jr. and Richard Cazier.

On April 3, 1744, Phillip Cazier Sr., Gentleman, sold 21 Acres “a part of tract of land called Valcon’s Test” to his son Phillip Cazier Jr., in consideration of his love and affection….(Deed Book 6, Page 310, Cecil County Maryland. GS#013823)

On June 25, 1746, Phillip Cazier Sr. sold several slaves and all of his “goods, chattles, household stuff, and other substance” for the sum of 200 Pounds to Phillip Cazier Jr. (Deed Book 4, Page 486, Cecil County, Maryland. GS#013822)

On May 12 1747, Phillip Cazier recorded the same bill of sale mentioned above. (Deed Book 4, Page 489, Cecil County, Maryland. GS#013822)

On October 5, 1749, John Cazier and Rebecca his wife sold 28 Acres of land to Bryan Reley (?) formerly of New Castle County, Delaware, for the sum of 120 Pounds. (Deed Book 7, Page 126, Cecil County, Maryland, GS#013874) Witnesses were Adam Von Bibber and James Von Bibber.

On 27 Jul 1751, Phillip Cazier Jr. sold two slaves to Rev. John Hamilton. (Deed Book 4, Page 539, Cecil County Maryland. GS#013822)

On 17 March 1753, Phillip Cazier Jr. sold a slave to Henry Baker. (Deed Book 7, Page 489, Cecil County Maryland. GS#013824)

On 19 January 1754, Phillip Cazier Sr. sold “a Corner Lot in Charles Town” to his son Richard Cazier” for 50 pounds. (Deed Book 8, Page 81, Cecil County Maryland. GS#013824) Witnesses to this deed were: Peter Cazier, Abraham Cazier and Phillip Cazier.

We have then, reference to Phillip Cazier Sr. and his wife Catherine, Phillip Cazier Jr. , and John Cazier and his wife Rebecca, Richard Cazier, and Peter Cazier, and Abraham Cazier. Before continuing, it is important to reflect for a moment upon the Cazier Family of New York. It will be seen that the family of Phillip Cazier Sr. of Cecil county Maryland, is definitely of the New York Cazier family.

From the IGI (International Genealogical Index), the children of Phillip Cazier and Catherine Hooglant or Hooghlant) are given as:

Phillip Casier Christened 29 Nov 1719 Port Richmond, Richmond County, N Y
Catherine Cazier Christened 14 Jan 1721 Port Richmond, Richmond County, N Y
Dirk Cazier Christened 15 Mar 1723 Port Richmond, Richmond County, N Y
Jacobus Cazier Christened 10 April 1726 Port Richmond, Richmond County, N Y
Petrus Cazier Christened 23 Aug 1730 Port Richmond, Richmond County, N Y

Of these children born in Port Richmond, Richmond County, New York, we find that Phillip Sr. and Catherine, Phillip jr., Dirk (Richard), and Peter (Petrus), appearing in Cecil County, Maryland.

Referring again to the IGI, we find that Phillip and Catherine Cazier had one more child, Abraham, who was christened in St. Stephen’s Parish, Cecil County, Maryland on February 25, 1732.

The research in Cecil County, Maryland, has not been completed, and there are several deeds yet to be searched that may provide more data.

In order to provide a more clear picture of the Cazier family in Maryland, as it is known thus far, a brief description follows:

I. Phillip Cazier of New York married Catherine Hooghlant before 1719. Their Children were:

Phillip Cazier Jr. Christened 29 Nov 1719 Port Richmond, New York
Catherina Cazier Christened 14 Jan 1721 Port Richmond, New York
Dirk Cazier Christened 15 Mar 1723 Port Richmond, New York
Jacobus Cazier Christened 10 April 1726 Port Richmond, New York
Petrus Cazier Christened 23 Aug 1730 Port Richmond, New York
Abraham Cazier Christened 25 Feb 1732 Cecil County, Maryland
John Cazier Cecil County, Maryland
Richard Cazier Cecil County, Maryland

It may be that Dirk and Richard are one and the same, Although Paul Taylor States that Dirk is equivalent to Henry. He also states that Jacobus is equivalent to James.

The name Dirk does not appear in the Maryland Records (at least as far as has been researched) and the name Henry does not appear before 1760 (In the deed of John Cazier and wife Rebecca)

To continue….Of the first five children, little is known at this stage of research. We do have more information about Abraham, John, and Richard.

II. Abraham Cazier (born est. 1732) Married Rebecca ______, probably in Cecil County, Maryland about 1765.

Their Children were:

Mary Cazier born 11 Mar 1766 Baltimore, Maryland
Rebecca Cazier born 16 Nov 1767 Baltimore, Maryland
John Cazier born 10 Oct 1770

John Married Martha Ford 21 Feb 1783, he died 26 December 1804. Martha Ford then Married 2nd Isaac Foster on 31 Jan 1805. Their Children were (John and Martha):

Millicent Cazier born 28 Feb 1794 died 31 Oct 1845
Eliza Cazier born 19 Apr 1796 died 18 Mar 1827 Eliza Married Thomas C. Aldridge 2 Feb 1820
Abraham Cazier born 15 Aug 1800

This data is taken from information attached to the letter of Paul Taylor of the Maryland Historical Society and a bible owned by Mrs. Robert Mitchell

III. John Cazier (born estimated 1735, died will proven 9 Nov 1778. Married Twice. 1st wife Rebecca Van Bibber. 2nd wife Rachel.
Children of John Cazier and Rebecca Van Bibber:

  1. John Cazier
  2. Jacob Cazier, died 2 May 1807, Married Charity Benson who died 4 Mar 1843
  3. Henry CazierPage3of 4
  4. Matthias Cazier, Married in New Jersey – went to Vermont
  5. Sarah Cazier, Will dated 27 Dec 1794: Proven 4 April 1795. (In the will she mentioned abrother named Isaac and Matthias).

Children of John and Rachel (This information is obtained from the will of John Cazier, proven 9 Nov 1778. All in New Castle County, Delaware):

  1. Susannah Cazier
  2. Rachel Cazier, born 23 Mar 1779
  3. Sarah Cazier, born 4 April 1795

Children of Jacob and Charity (Benson) Cazier:

  1. Henry Cazier, born 14 June 1799, Married Sarah Johnson 23 Dec 1828 in Rutgers, New York. Henry died 5 Nov 1859. (Sarah died 1 Aug 1877)


  1. Catherine Eugenia Married Rev Samuel Dickey
  2. Sallie Eugenia born 11 Aug 1853
  3. Mary Irvine born 21 Aug 1857
  4. Jacob Benson born 25 Dec 1833Married Hannah Brinton Magins 1878

IV. Abraham Cazier born estimated 1738, Married Susannah Kirkpatrick 13 April 1769 Children:

  1. Richard Cazier born 1762
  2. Abraham Cazier born 1764 Married Elizabeth Crockett 10 Aug 1783
  3. Susannah Cazier born 1772

As before stated, our objective was to establish a relationship between James Cazier and the New York Family. If we accept the explanation of Paul Taylor, then Jacobus Cazier Christened 10 April 1726, in New York, could very well be your James Cazier, estimated born about 1730.

This concluded my preliminary report on the research on the Cazier family. I have attached a proposed research schedule and cost of same. I expect about 48 hours of research in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware which amounts to $480.

Sincerely, George J. Nixon….