1994 – Honeyville, Utah

The Forty Fifth annual Cazier reunion was held at Crystal Springs, near Honeyville, Utah with Carolyn Foster as host. The family gathered in the Blue room to discuss genealogy. Family Genealogist, Gail Cazier, said that there are now more than 450 copies of the book “Descendants of William Cazier and Pleasant Drake” in the hands of Cazier cousins. In spite of diligent labors to record all the facts and dates accurately, there are . many errors and omissions in the book. We must correct them and add any new information. Gail spent time helping members of the family understand how to use the Cazier book to reconstruct family group sheets on the almost 2000 families in the book. Present Robert Cazier conducted the meetings. Kern Cazier from Afton, Wyoming said they were considering putting up a monument to recognize Charles Drake Cazier, what was the first Mayor and Post Master of Afton. He will let the family know if they need assistance. Carol Cazier Mclntosh, from Chubback was elected President for the next two years. There were about 142 in attendance.