2006 – Boise, Idaho

William Cazier Reunion 2006 in Boise Agenda (PDF)
William Cazier Reunion 2006 in Boise (PDF)

June 23, 2006

Friday Night Gathering
Fifteen family members met at the LDS Stake Center in Boise, Idaho. We talked and ate the food we had brought. Dee Cazier, the 2006 reunion host explained the plans for the next day. We then went around the table and each person telling something about themselves. Good conversation continued until everyone had left.

June 24, 2006

Idaho Penitentiary
A number of us met at the old Idaho State Penitentiary about 10:00 in the morning. Five of us went on the tour. The tour guide told us of the history of the penitentiary and a number of the colorful inmates and incidents (escapes) that happened. We got a chance to be locked in a cell and to see the room where they executed (hung) convicts.

After the tour we met at the Municipal Park for a lunch of sandwiches and chips. The park was a very busy place with lots of groups and families holding different gatherings. I thought the park was a very nice place with a lot of grass and large trees all near the river.

Genealogy session
At 2:00 we gathered at the Stake Center where Carol Reynolds conducted the Genealogy meeting. Thirteen were in attendance. Carol gave a presentation taking about some of the information from Jean Claude Cazier from France. She also talked about the Caziers in the Chesapeake Bay area and their travels there. Jean Cazier followed Uncle Isaac to Delaware. Carol talked a time line of the early Caziers, especially James. James was in the Civil War for 6 months in 1862. Carol said she was transcribing Andrew Love’s diary. Carol also spent some time talking about the new features on FamilySearch.com.

Executive Committee Meeting
In attendance were: Marilyn Crezee, Carol Reynolds, Andy Cazier, Larry Galli. The committee talked about the coming reunions for 2007 and 2008. It was proposed that the 2007 reunion be held in West Yellowstone hosted by Connie and John Dalton. The 2008 reunion is still planned to be held in Nauvoo, Illinois hosted by Durell Nelson. There was concern and discussion over the number of people attending the reunions. It was proposed that Marilyn Crezee be proposed at the main meeting to be the president for another two years.

Saturday Evening Dinner and Program
Dinner of pulled pork and fixings was served in the party room of the church. We then gathered in the Relief Society room for the program. Marilyn Crezee welcomed everyone and Andy Cazier gave the report of last years reunion, gave the financial report and took roll call.

Family in attendance this year was: James-0, Maranda-0, John-2, Benjamin-11, Elizabeth-0, Samuel-0, David-0, Charles Drake-3, and Rosannah-0 for a total of 16. It was proposed and decided that the 2007 reunion would be held in West Yellowstone, hosted by Connie and John Dalton. Marilyn Crezee was voted as Family president for the next two years, for a second term. Information on the Nauvoo reunion was given for 2008. The reunion will be hosted by Durell and Kathy Nelson on June 27th and 28th.

The time was then turned over to Dee Cazier for the program. The theme for the program was “Miracles in the Cazier Family.” Marilyn talked about the miracle of the Caziers coming to America and the miracles surrounding them finding the gospel.

Natalie Cazier Marti talked about a miracle where she and some friends were saved from their car sliding over the edge of a cliff and how they felt of the spirit. Then she told of a car crash in which her husband and child were killed and she was badly hurt. She spoke of her feelings of forgiveness for the man that was drunk and caused the accident.

Dee, Natalie’s father shared thoughts about the accident. He told of Elder Eyring from the Quorum of the twelve, giving her a blessing and Natalie’s amazing recovery.

Most agreed that the Caziers have been blessed with their share of miracles. They also agreed that this reunion although the smallest in a long time was one of the best reunions yet.