1956 – Oakdale, California

The Seventh reunion was held at the Oakdale LDS Church in Oakdale, California March 17 and 18, 1956. A genealogy meeting was held at 5:00 PM under the direction of Florence Schofield. Mattie Eagar gave a history of the Cazier Family. Florence read the Will of Great Grandfather William Cazier after which Mattie gave a talk on the research work she has been doing in Salt Lake City. Another ancestor, James Cazier Sr., grandfather of William Cazier was added to our list of known ancestors. He was born in Virginia in 1730. Dale Cazier of Afton, Wyoming was elected president of the Cazier reunions for a period of three years. Charles Cazier of Logan, Utah was elected permanent Secretary and Treasurer. Mattie Eagar was chosen to head the genealogical research for the family. On the following day members of the family met at the Oakdale motel and traveled to Pine Grove to the home of Isabelle Cazier Galli and Adolph Galli where an Italian buffet luncheon was served. Gerald Cazier gave the closing prayer giving thanks for this great family and asking for protection while they all returned home. There were about 70 in attendance.