William Cazier

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by Mattie Eagar,
Reported by Gail Cazier at Afton, Wyoming Reunion

William Cazier was born January 21, 1794 in Prince William County, Virginia.
William Cazier

William Cazier, first patriarch of Juab Stake was born 21 January 1794 in Prince William County, Virginia. William was the Son of James Cazier Jr. and Elizabeth Cahoe. James Cazier Sr. the grandfather of William was born in the year 1730. His wife was Fanny or Fanna. It is not known where they lived before coming to Prince William County Virginia. They may have been forced to flee from New York during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). We don’t know.

The family of James Sr. consisted of one son, James Cazier Jr., a daughter Elizabeth married to Joseph Caywood, a daughter Catherine married to Thomas Caywood, and a daughter Thankful . Elizabeth and Joseph Caywood and Catherine left Prince William County, Virginia in the early 1806 and settled in Ohio. James Cazier Sr. was a resident of Prince William County, Virginia from 1784 – 1795. James Cazier Sr. either died in 1794 or moved to another locality. James Cazier Jr. died in 1798. William Cazier was left fatherless at the tender age of 4. His mother, Elizabeth Cahoe Cazier was born in 1775 in Virginia the daughter of John and Elizabeth Cahoe.

William Cazier’s mother Elizabeth Cahoe Cazier, married John Dye who was born in New Jersey but was a resident of Prince William County, Virginia at the time of the death of her husband James Cazier Jr. David Cazier recorded that his grandmother Elizabeth Cahoe Cazier Dye, died in Wood County, Virginia in the year 1820 at the age of 45.

Little is know of the boyhood or youth of William Cazier. He was about 12 years of age when his mother and stepfather moved to Wood County, Virginia. Mattie says: “How we wish we knew more about this period of his life and about his courtship and marriage”. In 1816 William Cazier age 22 married Pleasant Drake age 18. The place of marriage is unknown. Pleasant Drake was born 31 March 1796 in Loudoun County, Virginia, a daughter of Thomas Drake and Lydia.

It has been discovered that William served with the Maryland Militia in the War of 1812. See the link to “William Cazier and War of 1812 research by Carol Cazier Reynolds” in the Family Histories.