1980 – Provo, Utah

The Thirty First annual Cazier reunion was held in Provo, Utah July 18; 19, 1980 with Fern and Tommy Rutledge as hosts. President John B. Cazier conducted the meetings. He reported on the reunion that was held last year in Illinois, hosted by Jay Cazier. Fern Rutledge, family genealogist reported that she still hasn’t found the missing link between our James Cazier and Phillip Cazier, although she has made some progress. She said there are four types of genealogist: 1. Record clucking bird, won’t share records with anyone, 2. Proud fact seeker, tries to trace genealogy to a famous person, 3. Hand wringing wailer, I want to do it but I can’t, 4. Buck passer, Aunt Gertrude is doing it. Don L. Cazier was elected president and Larry Galli was elected vice president with Gail A. Cazier retained as secretary and Fern Rutledge retained as genealogist. There were about 84 in attendance.