1997 – Three Forks, Montana

The Forty Eighth annual Cazier reunion was held June 27,28, 1997 in Three Fork, Montana with LaGrand Cazier and his family as hosts. Andy Cazier filled in for his father President Callis Cazier, who could not come this year. Callis sent some quotes from his grandfather Benjamin Cazier Jr. like “Your word is as good as your bond” and “We Caziers have a great heritage and always have embraced good honest principles”. Gail Cazier, the family Genealogist, and his wife Yvonne were serving a mission in Las Vegas West mission. Andy Cazier stood in to chair the genealogical discussions. The subject of Genealogy on the Internet was brought up and a number of people gave their experiences with the Cazier name. There appears to be an ever-growing amount of information building on the Internet on the Cazier name. Someone said that there are a number of errors found in the Cazier files on the LDS Search Program. This information with be researched and corrected. There were about 108 in attendance.