1993 – Rexburg, Idaho

The Forty Fourth annual Cazier reunion was held at the Ricks College Botanical Gardens in Rexburg, Idaho, June 18, 19, 1993 with the Gail Cazier family as hosts. President Robert Cazier conducted the meetings. The Genealogical meeting was held in the Ricks College Family History Center. Lonnie and Ecko Rigby were there to assist family members learn more about their family history. Dick Cazier reported on a book he was compiling on his ancestor, James Cazier, son of William. Ivan reported on his trip to England to do some research. He spent a lot of his time in the Cornwall Area. The records show that Caziers were there in the 1660’s. Gail Cazier showed some pedigree charts that shows that William’s grandfather James Sr. had a brother named Richard. Richard is an ancestor of Ron Cazier, from Arizona, who has been attending our reunions for some time. It was reported that there are about 25 books still available on the “Descendants of William Cazier and Pleasant Drake”. A Plaque will be made for Fern Rutledge thanking her for the great work she has done on the Cazier Genealogical Line. There were about 85 in attendance.