Constitution and Bylaws


The purpose of the Cazier Family Organization (“CFO”) is to create a family organization that will strengthen our family relationships by researching the names of our ancestors, and performing Temple ordinances for each family member.  Also, to preserve, collaborate, and record family activity in genealogical research and memorabilia, and to maintain this collection.


1. To research and record family historical facts and records, and to preserve our for the benefit of present and future generations of Caziers’.  And to sustain this history by providing multiple electronic back-up.

2. To inform and promote within all generations, the history and heritage of the Cazier family, and the importance of maintaining our heritage.

3. To promote and facilitate family fellowship through reunions and newsletters.

4. To encourage all of our families and descendants to become members of the CFO, by attending the reunions, and the paying of dues.  Members consist of all descendants of William Cazier, and his wife, Pleasant Drake, and their families.

5. To find and keep an ongoing record of family members who are living, along with their genealogies, histories, and current contact information.(respecting “Rights of Privacy).



1.  The Administrative Officers of the Cazier Family Organization shall consist of:

       1.  One elected President
       2. One Vice President
       3.  One or more Secretary/Treasurer
       4.  One Genealogy Research Chairman
       5.  One or more  appointed Genealogists
       6.  One or more appointed Genealogical Assistants
       7.  One appointed Webmaster
       8.  One appointed Historian
       9.  One appointed Newsletter Editor

2. The above officers shall serve for a period of 5 years.  After 5 years of service, they shall function as part of the Executive Committee, and aid in training the new officers.


The president shall preside at all meetings, and shall conduct Executive Committee meetings, and the Saturday evening dinner meeting.  These meetings may be held at the time of a reunion, or, when necessary, online.  The President shall approve all expenditures over $50, and receive financial reports, as needed, from the S/T.  He shall be a co-signor on each check issued by the CFO for expenses, and shall receive a monthly duplicate bank statement directly from the bank.  Electronic signature would be available to expedite the financial process.

The Vice President will serve as the biennial reunion host, and will conduct the Friday evening gathering.  In case of the absence or inability of the President, the duties and powers of that office shall be filled by the Vice-President, who shall act as President for the remainder of the President’s term of office.

Secretary/Treasurer (S/T)
The S/T shall keep a record of all  reunion meetings, and shall handle all correspondence pertaining to the CFO.  The correspondence will include a biennial newsletter and registration form to all CFO members, and sent online.  Also, will include status of membership dues. CFO members are asked to pay $20 per family, and $10 per individuals,  per year dues that will support research expenses, some reunion expenses, and professional research fees. The S/T will keep the master database, as used for mailings and communications, up-to-date and then update other databases used by CFO officers, as needed. He/she will also give an annual financial report of the previous years income and expenses, to the Executive Committee online, and every two years to the “traveling” reunion’s Saturday evening dinner meeting. He/she will maintain the CFO bank account, and prepare all checks.  This account will be opened in the names of the current S/T, and the current President.  The bank account statement will be sent by the bank to the S/T and the President.  All monies expended shall be made by check, with the signatures of the S/T and President.  A third authorized signer may be approved, and utilized, only if the S/T or President cannot function in his/her office.  Signatures may be obtained by electronic procedures, if necessary, and as arranged with the bank.

Family Genealogy Research Chairman
Responsible for the quantity and quality of all genealogical research.  He/she will answer all correspondence relating to research.  With presidential approval, he/she may obtain the assistance of a Professional Researcher to carry out specific assignments for the CFO, and shall keep appropriate records of such assignments.  He/she shall give a report in the Saturday afternoon meeting of the biennial reunion, and advise the CFO of present and future research needed.  He/She will be the principal trainer of Family Assistant Genealogists, and, therefore, spend as much time as necessary in the detailed training of each Assistant Genealogist.

Family Genealogist
The family genealogist is responsible for ancestral research.  In doing so, he/she shall keep a research log of work done within his/her stewardship, and also keep a correspondence log.  Also, a record of financial expenses, if any.  With Presidential approval, a professional genealogist may be hired to carry out a specific assignment.  All work is to have a digitized, duplicate record kept.

Family Assistant Genealogist
Shall assist the Family Genealogist in the performance of the above responsibilities.

The Webmaster shall build and maintain a CFO website in which can be recorded, preserved, and promoted the CFO heritage.  He/she will collaborate with CFO officers, as needed. With presidential approval, he/she will post family genealogies, histories, pictures, documents, etc. on the website.  In general, help the CFO move into the electronic age.

Responsible for descendent research, from 1988, the year the Big Red Book was published, to the present. He/She will coordinate and collaborate with the Genealogy Research Chairman as needed. He/she will give a report in the Reunion Saturday afternoon meeting.  Right of Privacy laws shall be observed.  He/she will have an address only copy of the CFO database, in order to perform the work of the Historian.  Also, as he/she talks with the many Caziers’, he/she will ask them if they would like to host a reunion in the future, and, if so, report this info to the President.

Newsletter producer
Currently being filled by a family genealogist.  But the S/T sends out the biennial reunion newsletter, that includes the reunion reservation form.